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Find an excellent gift or start your own puzzle adventure.

From $19.99

Our Simple Art series will introduce you to the paintings of famous artists from all over the world. There are few puzzle pieces in these jigsaws, but the assembly becomes a bit challenging due to the color palette of the illustration and the geometric form of the puzzle pieces.

These jigsaw puzzles are an excellent gift for adults and children. They are fun, simple and introduce you to art in an easy and relaxing way.

Art is simple with BART!

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From $37.99

BART wooden puzzles — art that you can touch. Maybe you can't touch the art you admire in museums and galleries, but with this set, you can create a real work of art with your own hands!

Our illustrators reinterpreted the work of famous artists in a modern pop art style. Van Gogh, Dali, and Bosch inspired these beautiful puzzles.

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From $64.99

BART wooden puzzles provide a great gift for your loved ones or to treat yourself! Of course, the best gifts are specially designed for the holiday season. That's why our artists have created an entire collection of images dedicated to traditional American celebrations. Hundreds of pieces assemble into famous holiday symbols, characters, or retro cards.

This is not just a puzzle. This is a cause for celebration.

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From $74.99

Take a fresh look at your favorite sports with the «Monsports» wooden jigsaw puzzle series. Each illustration is a bold challenge. Each character is a unique avatar.

These jigsaws will be an excellent gift for young lovers of active sports. Assemble this puzzle, decorate your room with it and show your love for your favorite sport!

Express yourself with BART!

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From $49.99

Vivid Forms series is a collection of wildlife portraits created by our artists, working with the simplest geometric shapes. From hundreds of colored parts, step by step, you can assemble the image of a majestic animal. Imagine a journey through a wilderness landscape, and use this as your inspiration as you start assembling. It will be an incredible adventure. Each part fits in its own specific way, and finding the way is the challenge.

It's not just a puzzle — it's like a computer game on your table!

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From $74.99

Not just any puzzle, but also a real detective game aimed at younger players.
While adults assemble the pictures, children enjoy an archeological journey. In the set, they will find three unusual puzzles. Completing each one will help them take a step on the road totoward scientific discovery, finding outdiscovering what the ancient dinosaurs did.
The only thing left to do is to choose which excavation to do today.

It's not just a puzzle. It's a time machine and... a bit of a board game.

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From $79.99

Assembling jigsaw puzzles has never been so exciting. The «Around the World» series is your ticket to a great journey. Explore continents and the depths of the sea step by step on the atlas-like map. Or embark on a journey through boundless space and reveal secrets of myths and legends.

All illustrations are drawn in the style of classic book engravings. The large puzzle size allows you to study in detail all the elements of the illustrations. Large puzzle pieces make this jigsaw accessible to everyone.

The original illustrations were created by the BART team. You can’t find anything like this anywhere else!

This is not just a puzzle. It’s a ticket to a dream trip!

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