Top 5 BART Christmas puzzles

Christmas has a special place in our lives. It's a time of magic and miracles, good old songs and jingle bells, classic movies about the complexities of family life and reconciliation. Christmas brings new hope for a happy ending. And any story with a happy ending begins with the first step… maybe with a gift (of fate?). Here are BART’S five featured wooden jigsaw puzzles that could be your first step, a gift of hope that will bring your loved ones joy!

Mr. Gingerbread (Holiday Collection)

The one and only. The most famous cookie man on the planet. The jigsaw illustration is built around the well-known Christmas rhyme. Assemble this jigsaw piece by piece to get a whole verse and find all the references within whimsical puzzle pieces.

Mr. Gingerbread is designed for kids and anyone who doesn't want to bother with a challenging jigsaw puzzle. This puzzle has large whimsical pieces in the shape of Christmas symbols.

Rudolf the Cute Deer (Simple Art Collection)

He brings gifts, candies, a festive atmosphere, and holiday memories. He is the ninth and youngest of Santa Clause's fellow companions. The cutest and most famous red-nosed reindeer in the world. Of course, you know him!

This is an ideal Christmas jigsaw puzzle for kids. Made of natural plywood, it helps develops fine motor skills. Large whimsical puzzle pieces will turn the assembly into a fun and relaxing game.



Heavenly Grace (Simple Art Collection)

Night all around. A peaceful angel flies over cozy houses lit up for the holidays. The illustration conveys a peaceful Christmas atmosphere with the whole family at home.


Mr. Top Bird

Another mister on our list. It's a vivid jigsaw puzzle with a lot of green in its illustration. Assemble this mosaic-like puzzle and add more color to your Christmas decorations. 

The jigsaw is made of high-quality maple plywood. Supplies are provided to adhere the puzzle pieces together. Put the jigsaw in the rack from the box and decorate your room!


Advent Crown

The evergreen Christmas symbol, familiar to everyone, becomes a beautiful wooden jigsaw puzzle. Celebrate the festive mood during assembly, then decorate your home with this fantastic jigsaw — everything you need is already in the box.


And this is where our Christmas jigsaw puzzle selection ends. Don't forget to visit for more puzzles, beautiful gifts, and exclusive offers.

Happy puzzling!

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