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All BART games and jigsaw puzzles are made in the USA. 

For our puzzles, we use high-quality maple plywood. It is durable enough to withstand repeated assembly and children's games. And this material is almost impervious to water. If you spill a glass of water on the BART puzzles, nothing will happen to them. Therefore, we do not recommend dipping puzzle pieces in liquid for an extended period. 

We print all images using a UV printer. The illustration is covered with a thin layer of varnish during the printing process. This technique allows the paint to stick firmly to the surface and protects it from light and moisture.

All our puzzles have different difficulty levels. We indicate the marking of the difficulty level on the packaging.

Level S puzzles are small-size products with few puzzle pieces. However, you will cope with it in one hour and understand that collecting puzzles is exciting and not difficult at all.

Level M puzzles contain more pieces, and the assembly time can be about 2 hours. Nevertheless, you can start your puzzle journey with this difficulty if you are not afraid to try your hand.

Level L puzzles are large-format jigsaw puzzles that can contain hundreds of pieces. The assembly process takes hours; you can start in the morning and finish in the evening. Puzzles of this type will be great entertainment for a company of friends or family evening.

You can find the number of parts and the assembled jigsaw puzzle size on each product's card. Please read this information before purchasing to find the right puzzle for you.

In addition to the puzzle, you will find a convenient assembly instruction with hint images in the box. You will also get a booklet with all the additional information about the jigsaw puzzle and the assembly process.

Of course! Some of our products are specially designed to be easily assembled and handled by children. The details of all BART puzzles are large enough and not dangerous for children. We use only environmentally friendly materials; we use non-toxic paints for illustrations.

If your set lacks puzzle pieces, we will help you complete the assembly and promptly send the missing ones. Contact us by e-mail, specify your order number and product name, and indicate what puzzle pieces you are missing. We will deal with the problem faster if you attach a photo of the missing whimsies.

If you notice someone trying to copy BART products or illegally sell something under the BART brand, please contact us by mail or social networks.