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Never received, instead I received a simple 20$puzzle. Very disappointed, their email came back as undeliverable

Never received

Custom Jigsaw Puzzle
Daria Seelin
Amazing quality gift

This was a gift for our friends. We used a photo of their family, and it turned out beautifully. The puzzle is of high quality. I loved the shapes they used for each piece. It makes it super fun to put the puzzle together. Makes an amazing gift

Wonderful puzzle. Fun to do

Missing 2 pieces so cat give good review. I don’t want a replacement but just wanted you to know


It was amazing experience

First Wooden Puzzle 😍

I don’t think I can do regular puzzles again even my husband helped it was so much fun cut of pieces where so amazing
Not quite finished almost don’t want it to end

Wonderful experience

I throughly enjoyed puzzling Bart’s recreation of one of Picasso’s most famous paintings “Guernica” it was 287 phoebes of pure delight. I learned that the original was done in black white and grey, I love that Bart added color to the puzzle. It really emphasizes the images.
The puzzle arrive very quickly, and well packed. There pieces fit together nicely-it was the perfect puzzle. I can’t wait to try some of their newest designs.

Fun puzzle!

Great quality and fun to put together. Will be buying more!

A Pleasure to Build

A great puzzle for the price. I like this interpretation of a famous work of art, and found it to be just challenging enough to fun (large size). The back was smooth, with only occasional burn marks. Front had a single chip. I really liked the multi piece whimsies in this puzzle, which were only apparent from the back. All in all a good puzzling experience.

Beautiful amazing

The first wooden puzzle I have done the pieces. The puzzle are at the highest quality and make such a beautiful gift to anyone. You know that love puzzles.

I love it!

We had an amazing family time doing a puzzle. Thank you!

A great experience

My daughter is happy, the puzzle was very cool. We will buy more and advise our friends

Gorgeous puzzle

Packed full of whimsies with just the right level of difficulty for the large size. Piece fit was excellent. BART is spelled out inside the puzzle. I was delighted in the quality of puzzle-there were not any laser burns or chipping. I really enjoyed BART’s interpretation of this artwork and look forward to puzzling more of their art collection.

Needs work

The artwork is beautiful on this puzzle, however the cutting process needs a lot of work. I have multiple chipped and damaged pieces in mine. Looking forward to trying others once the cutting process has been improved.

Cute but needs improvement

This puzzle was cute but needs improvement. There were several chipped pieces and several pieces were very roughly cut. Huge potential with Bart, however the cutting process needs some updates.

Amazing puzzles

I have just finished Mona Lisa, smiling every minute as I travel through finding the right delightfully carved pieces. So much fun. I look forward to doing more of
these colorful and well made puzzles.

Exquisite Craftsmanship!

I’m honestly blown away by the quality and beauty of this puzzle. It was a gift for my daughter after she broke her foot and she has spent so many hours with this puzzle already. The art is captivating and the puzzle is just the right amount of challenging for my kids. The box it came in is so high-quality and perfect for easy storage. This is NOT your average puzzle! It’s heirloom quality. We’re already deciding which puzzle we should get next. :)

Crazy picture and a challenging jigsaw puzzle!

Cool combination of a teenage picture and a pretty hard puzzle part. I spent two evenings assembling — nothing to regret.

Great artist. Great painting. Great puzzle. That’s all. Big thanks for choosing Gustav Klimt.

185 pieces of gold! Amazing jigsaw puzzle (and it will be helpful for those who want to learn the names of American states).

What I liked most about these jigsaws were the puzzle pieces. Small, cute, with references to other works of the artist. They turn the assembly into an exciting journey through history.

BART Games proudly made in the USA is appropriately named Bart Games because they offer it all. Puzzles and puzzles that are games like this one. Every puzzle I’ve completed has been different. They appeal to various age groups and always contain a surprise. I wonder if you can find the treat in this one. I’ll give you a hint it’s not a keychain.

When I opened this “puzzle” I expected another wooden puzzle but Board-game PTERODACTYL (3-Puzzle set) which is part of their dinosaur series was a game and puzzle. Actually 3 puzzles that are all connected to create a game. It’s geared towards kids but I had fun completing it.

Step one is to put together the outside of a puzzle and fill it in. Step 2 has the outside and you fill the whimsies in. Step 3 has secret pieces in a burlap bag that you piece together and finally after reading the simple instructions for each you play detective and figure out the story and different facts about the dinosaurs. Unique, fun, great to enjoy by kids or with kids, a learning experience that promotes math and reading skills and would be a great gift for the holidays.

Kindly gifted. BART Games


Wooden jigsaw puzzle Box of horror stories
Diane Deo
I LOVE the quality of this puzzle

So BART Games sent me a box of their wooden puzzles to do and because Halloween is right around the corner, I decided to do this one first! Also in the box, was a pair of 3D glasses.

When I completed this beautiful puzzle, I looked at it through the glasses and sure enough, the puzzle has a really cool 3d effect! While I wasn't able to get a pic looking through both lenses, I was able to get pics through the individual lenses, one in red and one in blue. Swipe to see.

I LOVE the quality of this puzzle. The image is done in like a bumpy, non glare finish that leads me to believe the pieces will last a long time because they won't scratch while in the box. Also, because of the finish, the image is matte and I didn't have to worry about glare at all.

I spent the morning with Vincent Van Gogh. We talked about how beautiful the “Starry Night” was and loved all the surprises we discovered. Of course, Mona Lisa joined us and was the second keychain I’ve collected from this fun, interesting new company BART Games.

This was a different experience than “Box of Horror Stories”. It was more of a typical wooden puzzle experience, but this company wants to be anything but typical or ordinary.

“Starry Night” was 166 pieces and one of their Medium puzzles which are rated by difficulty. I actually found this one more challenging than the first puzzle I completed, but certainly not frustrating at all. I try and leave the whimsies to the end so that adds another level of challenge. They include a map, sort of a cheat sheet if you need it. BART Games really tries to make their puzzles exciting, relaxing and entertaining for all ages and levels of puzzlers by adding in extras that we rarely see with other companies. They want to be different and they work hard at distinguishing themselves with these added bonuses.

I have several more to complete from this company. Lucky me!

It’s Monday and I’m still singing the music from Tina at the National Theatre in DC. What a show!!!


Wooden jigsaw puzzle Box of horror stories
Amanda Klaiber
Absolutely perfect for Halloween!

Sometimes- I have to pinch myself and wonder how did I get lucky enough to review puzzles? Because getting to review these amazing wooden puzzles from BART Games has been such a pleasure! This is Box of Horror Stories, a 561 piece laser wooden cut puzzle, and was absolutely perfect for Halloween!

Bart Games puzzles are made and produced in the US. This specific puzzle is super special- because the surface is actually canvas that has been glued to 1/4’’ maple plywood, and the image has been UV printed on the canvas. This gives the pieces such a great, slightly knobbly feel, and I really enjoyed it! I have read that there are some color differences from puzzle vs the image- but I actually didn’t use the image for this one! Due to the patterns- this puzzle was pretty easy- so I made it a bit more challenging by not using the image at all!

The whimsies are numerous and amazing!! This puzzle has a much more traditional piece shape, but still had crazy wonky pieces due to how many whimsies it had, and I thought it was a perfect balance! Sometimes I really enjoy wooden puzzles with traditional pieces! Very occasionally I would have a rough piece, and some of the whimsies had scorch marks on the canvas side (you can see this quite a bit in the white moon), but overall, this experience was fantastic! Those small things didn’t take away from how much I enjoyed this puzzle!