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Who we are, why we produce puzzles and what our production looks like


BART is a team, bringing together artists and engineers from around the USA. We devise our own unique characters, and then use these as we draw, design and hand-cut our wooden puzzles and board games. Basically, we love games and want to share this love with you. Everyone can play this game, regardless of gender or age. 

We handle the manufacture of all our games in-house in the USA. This means our teams can generate, develop and realize new ideas quickly. Every piece of the set you now hold in your hands is precision-cut using laser technology. You can be sure there is a perfect place for each and every piece. We take great care to develop the illustrations, artwork, game mechanics, instructions, and materials of our games, as well as the concept. If you think you know everything about puzzles, think again. Our products offer a surprise. 

Our team is a team of parents, and our children test and evaluate the products and their artworks with honesty. And we listen. If they say "Mom, Dad, it's not interesting enough", then we go back to the drawing board. 

There are rules to our games, but these rules are designed to be broken. We decided to make something a little more interesting than a simple jigsaw puzzle – we decided to do things a little differently.

If you want to, use the example picture and build your puzzle from there. If you'd prefer more of a challenge, then ignore the hints and assemble the picture upside down, with the wooden side up. When you encounter additional parts in the puzzle, these can fit together to create three-dimensional pieces, such as a toy, a picture, a bouquet or a cheater scene. 

Finally, we all love surprises, and we know you do too. 

This is why you'll find a gift from the BART team in each of our sets. You probably lost interest in this letter a while ago and are already poring over the puzzle pieces. But, if you've read this far, you know how much time, care and attention go into each one of these game boxes. It's time to dive in and immerse yourself in the magical world of BART. 

Happy puzzling! Yours sincerely, The team at BART.

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